A scalable data platform

Our decentralized data platform allows organizations to connect data sources and expose them as one large virtual database without having to copy data!

  • Connects with your existing systems

    We have developed a collection of connectors allowing our platform to connect with your existing data sources.

  • Query your data using SQL

    Our database engine allows engineers to interact with the underlying data sources using SQL.

  • Fetch data in real time

    Fetch data in real time, no more waiting for pipelines to complete or batch jobs to be triggered.

  • Integrates with your current tools

    Connect with your data through the PostgreSQL wire protocol allowing your existing tools to work right out of the box.

  • Fine grained access control

    Set-up fine grained access control rules ensuring that your data stays secure. Be able to see who has access to which system in one overview.

  • Data as a product

    Discover new data sources through the data explorer. Get in touch with data owners to create new integrations in minutes.

Get started today

Let's get in touch and book a demo today! See how our solution could allow your organization to create a truly scalable data architecture.